Tax Collector/Town Clerk

Town Clerk/Tax Collector
Michelle Beauchamp Phone: 603-652-4501 x4 Fax: 603-652-4120
Carol Martin
Deputy Town Clerk
Assistant Tax Collector
Phone 603-652-4501 x3 Fax: 603-652-4120
Norma Corrow
Deputy Tax Collector    
Assistant Town Clerk
Phone: 603-652-4501 x3 Fax: 603-652-4120

P.O. Box 180
424 White Mountain Hwy
Milton, NH 03851

Monday 8:30am-4:00pm
Tuesday 8:30am-4:00pm
Wednesday 8:30am-4:00pm
Thursday 8:30am-6:30pm
Friday 8:30am-4:00pm

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The Town Clerk is accepting credit cards for transactions over the counter (except taxes which can be done online).  There is a 2.95% transaction fee for credit cards.

The Town Clerk/Tax Collector's Office can process Hunting & Fishing Licenses, as well as Boat Registrations.


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Vanity Plate Check

Residency Affidavit


Dog Licensing E-Reg Vital Records

Review or Pay Your Taxes


2016 Dog Licenses (4/01/16-3/31/17) are ready to be processed.
Please remember to bring a copy of the Rabies Certificate and/or a copy of the Spaying/Neutering Certificate.
Unaltered dogs $9.00
Spayed/Neutered Dogs $6.50
Senior Citizens (Over 65) $2.00 for the first dog
Group License (5 or more dogs) $20.00
All dogs should be licensed by April 30th of every year.  A late fee will be assessed for each month.  Unfortunately, if you have not licensed your pet by June 1st, an additional $25.00 fee may be charged.
Don’t forget…you can now renew your dog license on-line as long as we have an updated rabies certificate.  


State of NH-DMV NH Vital Records NH Fish and Game Supervisors of the Checklist Schedule 2011

Vanity Plate Check 2011 Town Meeting Minutes March 8th Voting Results


Do you take credit cards or debit cards?

Yes for most transactions, however there is a 2.95% convenience fee.  Taxes can be paid online.

When are property taxes due in Milton?
The first bill is due in July.
The second bill is due in December.
Bills are sent to the address of the last known owner by State law.  If you change your mailing address, it is your responsibility to notify us in writing of the change.

Where do I go to get a dog license?
The Town Clerk's office.  They become available mid January, and all dogs must be licensed by May 1st.  Renewals can be done online.

Can I get a cost to register a vehicle over the phone?
Office policy states that no quotes will be given over the phone, however you can get an estimate online.

How do I get a replacement if I lose my registration?
You can obtain a replacement registration at the State Motor Vehicle Office at a cost of $15.00 or at the Town Clerk/Tax Collector's office for $18.00. 

Can I get "moose plates" at this office?
Yes, however, if you would like a moose vanity plate see vanity plates below. 

Can I get "vanity plates" at this office?
To apply for a new Vanity Plate, you must fill out an application for vanity plates.  The application will then be submitted to the Concord DMV office for review.  You may either continue to use the plate assigned to you if you are renewing the registration, or you may opt to get a numbered plate until such time as your application is reviewed and you are notified by the State of the outcome.

Can I get temporary plates at this office?
No. You need to go to a state DMV office. The closest offices being Dover Point (Exit 6) or the Tamworth office on Route 16. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:15 am to 4:15 pm. .

When and where can I get my driver's license renewed?
Any DMV state office. The closest offices being Dover Point (Exit 6) or the Tamworth office on Route 16.
The hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:15 am to 4:15 pm.

What are the hours of the State Motor Vehicle offices?
8:15 AM to 4:15 PM, M-F

What are some phone numbers that I might need?
Call 652-4501 x4 for questions about Milton property taxes.
Call 652-4501 x3 for questions about Milton automobile registration.
Call 271-2372 for questions about your driver's license.
Call 271-2251 for questions about 20 day plates, lost plates, or replacement plates.

How do I get a certified copy of a birth, death, marriage or civil union certificate?
You need to make a request in writing either by mail or in person. You must be a member of the immediate family (no cousins) or have a direct and tangible interest in the record. The cost of the certified copy is $15.00 for the first copy and $10.00 for any subsequent copies ordered at the same time for the same person. You will need to give the name(s) of the regristrant(s) and approximate date of the event.. Also you must state your relationship of your interest in the record. As of 1/1/05 NH State Law requires identification when requesting a certified record or search. You will need to send a copy of your picture ID when requesting a record by mail or show picture ID when you come in person. The only birth and death records on file in a city or town are the records of those events that occurred in the city or town. Marriage records are filed where the couple obtained their license. If you are not sure where the event took place you may contact the State of NH Bureau of Vital Records at 71 S.Fruit Street, Concord, NH 03301-2410. They have the records for the entire state. Their phone number is (603) 271-2236 and they can accommodate your request using a Master Card of Visa. 

How do I obtain a marriage license?
Effective as of January 1, 2010, RSA 457:1-a Equal Access to Marriage. Marriage is the legally recognized union of two people. Any person who otherwise meets the eligibilty requirements of this chapter may marry any other eligible person regardless of gender. Each party to a marriage shall be designated "bride," "groom," or "spouse". The couple must appear before the Town Clerk and must be married in the State of NH. The fee for the license is $50.00. Both parties must be 18 years of age or older and a drivers license, passport or birth certificate is sufficient for proof of age. If either party is a NH resident and under 18 a *waiver may be granted by the probate court in the county where you live (*this waiver does not apply for same sex couples under 18). If either party was married before, a certified copy of how the marriage ended is needed (i.e. death certificate, dissolution - (in cases of civil unions), divorce decree or annulment certificate). The license is good for 90 days. The license is valid on the day it is processed. However, in cases of same gender licenses, the application may be processed for a marriage license, but the license shall not be valid until the effective date of January 1, 2010.

How do I register to vote?
The Supervisors of the Checklist administer voter registration. They issue guidelines for the taking of evidence of qualification presented by applicants. The Supervisors have special hours determined by State Law to accept voter registrations, these hours are posted at the Town Hall and are printed in the local newspapers, they are generally held just before an election and before the beginning of filing period. The Town Clerk's office will also accept applications during regular business hours. The Supervisors will approve applications when they meet. Voter registration closes 10 days before an election. New Hampshire also has same day voter registration. You may not register to vote at school district and town meetings. You may register to vote at your polling place on Election Day and vote. You are required to show proof of age, domicile and citizenship. Acceptable forms of proof of age include a drivers license, passport or birth certificate. A drivers license, utility bill or other mailed correspondence is acceptable for proof of domicile. Naturalization papers are proof of citizenship if you were not born in the United States. Domicile and citizenship affidavits are available if you cannot provide necessary documentation. When you register to vote you are registered for all elections and town and school meetings.

I hold an out of state driver's license which is my primary residence, I would like to register a car to leave at my seasonal home here in Mlton, what do I need to do? 
You must verify your non-residence status by showing proof (ie. tax bill/electric bill/cable bill), filling out a notarized Nonresident Statement Affidavit and presenting your driver's license to the clerk. The vehicle must stay gargaged primarily at the legal address in Milton. RSA 261:46. Nonresident Registration. Notwithstanding RSA 261:45, a nonresident who garages a vehicle primarily in this state may register such vehicle in this state as a nonresident. A vehicle is garaged primarily in this state if it is garaged in this state for at least 350 days of the registration year. No exemption from the payment of a permit fee shall be granted by reason of nonresidence except by the director, who shall in all cases require proof satisfactory to him or her of residence elsewhere, and of the liability of a nonresident owner, otherwise entitled to such exemption, to pay a property tax on the vehicle for the current year in the state of his or her residence.

I moved to Milton from another New Hampshire town/city.  What do I need to register my vehicle in Milton?
You must verify your residence status by providing one of the following:  an electric/cable bill (within the last 60 days), a signed purchase & sales agreement, a signed rental agreement or a notarized affidavit from the property owner/agent (forms are in the office).  Bring your driver's license and the most recent registration per RSA 261:148.

Residency Affidavit

I've just moved to Milton from another state, how long do I have to re-register and title my vehicle to New Hampshire?
RSA 261:45. Resident of State. Notwithstanding the provisions of RSA 261:44*, when a nonresident has established a bona fide residency in this state, said resident shall have a maximum of 60 days from the date his residency was established in which to register his/her vehicle in New Hampshire. *RSA 261:44. Operation Without Registration; Reciprocity. A vehicle, other than an OHRV or snowmobile, owned by a nonresident and duly registered for the current year in the state, district or country of which the owner is a resident may be driven upon the ways of the state without registration under this chapter to the extent, as to period of driving and otherwise, that the state, district or country of registration grants similar privileges for the operation of such vehicles owned by residents of this state and registered under its laws. The director for the purposes of this section shall determine the nature and extent of the privileges for the driving of vehicles granted by other states, districts or countries to residents of this state and his determination shall be final.

I've just moved to New Hampshire from another state, how much time do I have to change my driver's license to NH and surrender my out-of-state license?
RSA 263:35. Nonresident Who Establishes a Residency in the State. Notwithstanding the provisions of RSA 261:44 or any other law to the contrary, any nonresident driver of a motor vehicle who holds a valid driver's license in another jurisdiction, upon the establishment of a bona fide residency in this state, shall have a maximum of 60 days from the date his residency was established to obtain a driver's license issued by the state of New Hampshire.


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